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Comprehensive Eye Examinations


At Rex Wingate we take your eye care seriously. An eye examination is a very important health check. An eye test can reveal many other health issues within the body and an examination should always include health checks as well as refraction for glasses.

Many extended examinations are available now and we provide:


  • Glaucoma Monitoring

  • Macula Scanning

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

  • Colorimetry (Visual Stress analysis)

  • Digital Fundus Photography

  • Macula Pigment Density

  • DVLA Screening

  • Contact Lens Assessments/Trials

Other Examinations


Everybody who is entitled to a NHS examination will be provided with one but the opportunity to upgrade to a comprehensive examination will be offered for a small fee.


We undertake contracts for local businesses to provide eye examinations and appropriate eyewear including safety spectacles and glasses for VDU use. Please contact us if you require this service for your staff.


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