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At Rex Wingate we offer a wide range of spectacle lenses from basic single vision to tailor made variable focus including light changing and polarised lenses.

Variable Focus 

Variable focus lenses, sometimes called Varifocals, are available in many different formats. 

Zeiss have been making advanced variable focus lenses for many years and now use Free Form technology on all their progressive lenses.

Bespoke variable focus lenses are now available from Zeiss offering the wearer a tailor made lens. 

At Rex Wingate we will discuss your lens requirements and advise you which lens will suit you and your frame.

Thinner & Lighter Lenses

Lenses can now be up to 50% thinner and lighter than standard lens materials.

These lenses are available in many different formats including Variable Focus, photochromic (light sensitive) and polarized.

Thin lenses are made using a soft material and therefore require hard coating to resist scratching. Zeiss offer the Platinum coating on all their lenses giving the wearer the best anti-reflective properties as well as the most durable hard coating.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are available in many different formats.

Polarised lenses are used to deflect glare and are particularly useful for water-sports, especially fishing. They are very useful when driving as they eradicate the glare from the road. 

Transition/Photochromic lenses are useful for an everyday changeable tint that offers 100% UV protection.

Photofusion from Zeiss is now available offering the wearer a changeable tint that is up to twenty per cent faster and still provides 100% protection.



Office Lenses

Office lenses are now available to offer multi-focal lenses with panoramic vision. These can be used for specific indoor tasks. 

Zeiss offer a wide range of office lenses ranging from enhanced reading lenses to bespoke indoor lenses. 

The optimum distance can be chosen to suit the individual and their working environment as well as tailoring for the chosen frame and prescription.


Zeiss have now introduced DriveSafe Lenses which offer better vision in low light conditions and up to 64% glare reduction from oncoming cars and street lights.  DriveSafe lenses also offer accurate vision of the road dashboard, side and rear-view mirrors.

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